Student School Bus safety.

Safety zones. Let bus roll, stay enough far from bus
10 feet’s, till bus completely stop. Avoid play, walk.
Avoid leave stuff inside 10 feet’s around bus.
Crossing  road. Get out bus. Walk out of 10 feet’s a
side. Stop out of 10 feet’s in front of bus at right
bumper corner. Watch out traffic, wait driver signal
to walk, walk to the left bus bumper corner and stop.
Wait driver signal, watch traffic. Cross the road while
watching traffic is clear around.
Get out of bus. Stay sited while approaching to the
schedule stop. Don’t stand behind the driver. Be
quite, listen for driver. Grab your bag, watch your
step, walk on to pavement.
Boarding. Stay on the bus stop at least 5 minutes.
Wait till approaching bus completely stop. Enter a
bus with bus driver signal.
Emergency plan. In emergency follow driver
direction stay on the bus, walk to the Location far
enough from the bus under driver directions. Always
know emergency bus exits, keep it free from
Contact Information:  Email :  Phone : Fax: 2036029958.  Address mail : 106 Commerce rd. ,  Stamford, CT 06902, USA, Limited Mobility STA

Watch you step
Watch you stop
Watch you bus
Watch you class
Check you boss
Check you gross
Terry Connors Ice Rink, Stamford, CT
The Greenwich Streets AZ