Wheelchair checks

Wheelchair checks if any vertical size or horizontal sizes is over standard limit. Legs trays check in a
proper position 2- 3 inches high above vehicle floor level. Do not use moving parts wheelchair to
secure in a floor base. Do not put in contact neck belt and naked passenger body parts.

Securing wheelchair

Securing wheelchair to floor put 4 floor belts on the wheelchair base in former base points. Do not use
casual parts.  Belts should be parallel to the floor and each other. Fasten passenger to wheelchair
secure seat belt in a 3 points; avoid contact naked passenger body parts. Retractable belts are needed
to be plain in the tray. Every belt should be not twisted, is in need slow operate to get tangled.  

Transport wheelchair to lift gate

Avoid obstacles on the wheelchair way. Obstacles are the sharp lift construction corners and secure
belts leaved on the floor, retractable belts bobbins. There need to hard to learn the free way vehicle
designed to bring wheelchair to the lift gate.