Conduct transport wheelchair order in a vehicle lift compartment


Document this manual written in advance related to work place passenger safety in a school bus
wheelchair compartment. 16 passengers school van is completed by wheelchair floor secure
platform, and one wheelchair is equal 4 passenger vehicle capacity. Lift platform is the vehicle
operated machine that is requiring following State regulation work order to unloading, loading
passenger. Special need service needs in conduct every safety rules under vehicle driver supervision.

Wheelchair loading procedure

Stay in a visual contact with a vehicle driver to follow emergency events casualty. Visually check
wheelchair, in a defect case report it immediately. Wheelchair breaks should be unlocked
immediately at the platform upper stop. Transport wheelchair must be in a parallel aisles order.
Avoid speeding use slow technique to bring the wheelchair in a center of floor securing base.  
Center a wheelchair and put brakes.              

Wheelchair unloading procedure

Approaching wheelchair check 4 belts secure to floor, 3 points seatbelt is secure. Release
wheelchair, release brake. Take out wheelchair in to aisles. Do not lift wheelchair, instead safe move
to the lift gate. Check make sure lift platform unfolded. Roll wheelchair in to platform in a parallel
order. Center a wheelchair within platform tray, exit restraint. Avoid contact wheelchair, passenger
platform construction elements. Wheelchair brakes should be set to leave the wheelchair in a